Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thomas is giving me pains

For those who don't know me I've had a crazy few months. Finished a book in December, another in January, started on the third in Feb but got really sick. While I was healing I got notice that the first book was going to be published. Woohoo! And now that I'm better I'm trying to finish book three while another unrelated book came out of nowhere at me. Plus after three years on the market my house has sold so I'm moving in two weeks. Crazy!

So the third book that I should be working on is about Kelly and Jamie, the dolphin and the bear. But Thomas Caine, my resident medium, tells me his story cannot wait. Yet when I try to do simple interviews, he refuses to talk. We had a big revelation yesterday about his pain fetish and guilt. Hopefully I can get him some help in the book to help with a bit of the guilt. 

I could get him through it if he'd just talk to me...