Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strength Grasshopper

Yesterday I had some errands to run before work, so I took off in my Honda for the mall. On the way I rolled down the window and discovered a grasshopper clinging to the glass. Instead of sending him flying I let him hang out. Left the window partway up, and watched his antennae wave in the wind.

I stopped at the mall, did my returns and then headed to work. Grasshopper still on my window. On the highway he seemed a lot like a dog, hanging its head out the window. He clung to the window wind flowing over him (I was going 60 miles an hour). Ten minutes later I got to work, parked in my normal spot and rolled the window up. Grasshopper still there.

I stared at him for a minute, wondering at his resolve. Not that work is a great place to be, but he made it there, and surrounding the building is a huge wetland. How he knew that was where I was headed, I dunno. But I got out of the car, turned, and he was gone. Vanished. Probably off to find some grasshopper pal to start a family with.

What a way to learn about persistence right? Everyday we look at the hard stuff in life and think gosh if I just gave up, things would be so much easier. But would they? If the grasshopper had given up he would have wound up as a splatter on someone's windshield. By hanging with it he got to a new place filled with more good things.

I heard this week my second novel has been accepted, showing that the thirty years of persistence in writing is getting me places that I'd like to go. So no matter what's going on, I know giving up is not the way. I need to have strength like that little grasshopper.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


New free read. This one from Sei's POV. You'll just have to wait until August when I release Decadence to get more of Gabe's POV.

Friction has another beautiful cover created by the amazingly talented L.C. Chase:

Blurb: Seiran Rou finds school more challenging than most. Not because he's not intelligent or can't follow along in class, but because he's different than all the other students. He's a male witch in a society ruled by females. That's no minor problem since Magic Theory is his major.

His visits to his sometime lover, Gabe Santini, provide him a safe and uncomplicated haven to escape to, until one night when his fear of commitment drives him away. He learns that monsters aren't the only things that stalk their prey.

In the end he may discover he was safer with the vampire than anything his college life has to offer. Friction, a free short of Gabe and Seiran, stars of the upcoming release Inheritance, is now available for download in pdf, epub and Mobi.

Download Now

Blogging and Beautiful Boys

So anyone who knows me, knows I'm pretty terrible at blogging, mostly cause I can't think of anything exciting enough to talk about.

I had last week off and planned to do some writing, have done a little so far, not much. And tomorrow is my last day off before I start a new day job.

My ghost piece is coming along. I've got a lot of it outlined and am slowly plugging away. Of course the muse has decided there's a new character who's small and very femmy for a guy. Don't know why but I seemed to be drawn to write about that kind of guy. Even more odd about it is that I'm not at all girly so I'm making up girly stuff as I go.

High heels, lacy underthings, nail polish, yeah I've got to investigate it all. So you may here me go on about it more in the future.