Friday, December 21, 2012


Okay so here it begins. First here's a picture of the fun chibi's that I'll be giving away:

And here are the details:

Most points win (if there are some with the same amount of points it will be a drawing).

How do you get points? Note you can do this for each book. Name must be associated even if it's a fake one. Anonymous is too easy to fake, sorry.

Review on Amazon: 5 pts
Review on ARE: 5 pts
Review on BN: 5 pts
Review on GR: 5 pts
(another review site i missed?): 5 pts
Like on amazon: 1 pt
Rating alone on any of the above sites: 1 pt.

Reviews do not need to be long, just hey I liked this or didn't like this, or whatever. Once you've gotten all your ratings done, please post in reply with what you've done so I can tally points.

I'm trying to think up some secondary prizes.

Runtime: this contest starts today Dec 21, 2012 and Runs until New Years eve.

Any questions?

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