Thursday, February 7, 2013


So I have a secret to share. See I've got a pretty bad memory. Been working on the new Sam book over the past week and realizing I've forgotten a lot of the side character names and motives. Crazy right?

Spent part of last night rereading Inheritance. Will have to reread the entire series just to get caught up to where I am with Sam. 

The bad guy in the last book? Can't remember his name. Took me forever to remember Roman's first name. How sad is that?

The nice thing is that it helps me rediscover Sei and Gabe, see their faults and remind me to bring them to play in this new book. 

Everyone says Gabe is so perfect, but he's really not. There are small things that Sei doesn't really notice because he's crazy about Gabe, but Sam sees them but Sam is not enamored. It's interesting how a different perspective can shed light on a character. Gabe's got some serious flaws. His lack of communication being a big one. He hides a lot of his vampire problems from everyone. Which is going to be part of the problem that Sam finds as he's trying to adjust to his new life. 

So while the book is Sam's book, we're going to start to see Gabe destructing. (Scary!)

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